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About Us

Shopping KadaShopping Kada is Calicut’s online food and grocery store which helps consumers to find their day today needs at one place. You can choose and shop your favorite brands at comfort starting right from food items, personal care, baby care, households, stationaries to beverages ,organic products and many more and have orders delivered to you in a matter of hours at your door steps. You can choose your convenient time slot for delivery. Shopping Kada serves as a helping hand to buy easily and further makes shopping more entertaining, cool and stress free.

Shopping Kada is specially meant for matching the life style of modern consumers who are always busy. We bring you the very best in service and quality. Shopping Kada encourages consumers to share their opinions and experiences about the various products listed in Shopping Kada with their friends and family members.

Shopping Kada offers the service of delivering the groceries, stationeries, vegetables, households etc to the people who were unable to shop themselves due to busy life, traffic problems, health concerns etc. We will take orders via online and phone and delivering the items to the customers on the same day to their door step. Shopping Kada also offers competitive prices to their consumers.

Mission statement/ Mantra

To create a shopping experience which exceeds the expectation of customers, a work place that creates opportunities and great working environment for our associates, and the business which achieve its financial target.

Vision Statement

To be known as the favorite shopping destination.People will be disappointed shopping anywhere else.

Why should I use Shopping Kada

1. Save on Transportation cost- You can save on the cost of extra trips being made if you are getting out only for the purpose of shopping or if you are a work from home kind of person
2. Save time – Helps in saving the time of busy households and working people
3. Save Pain – Shopping with your baby is actually painful and is rather unappealing. Also the parking hassles and carrying heavy food items in your hand can be avoided.
4. Stay organised- Online shopping can keep track of your records like how often you buy or how much quantity you purchase in a month.
5. It is quite easy to compare the prices.
6. No unwanted luxury purchases there by avoiding unnecessary spending
7. You can avoid long queues for billing and also the crowd
8. It reduces impulse buying by avoiding temptation to buy seeing a sale item hanging out on the display
9. You will get a better deal online compared to purchase at a retail store
10. You can avoid burn out and fatigue in summer season
11. You can research your buying decision
12. You can stay safe while shopping online